Illustration of a Zaratan.
Cryptid Information
Year First Seen N/A
Biological Class Reptile
Authenticity Status Presumed Hoax
Location Varied
 Zaratan is a large Cryptid that is a giant sea turtle that has an island on it's back. It is considered to be the largest cryptid, dwarfing a blue whale.

The creature comes from a story about a group of sailors whom thought they found a deserted jungle island, but rather had encamped on the creature's back.


The Zaratan is a large sea turtle with an island on it's back that is 1000 feet long, said length dwarfing a blue whale. The creature's body mass is so large that it can hardly, if at all, move.


The Zaratan comes from a story of a group of sailors who thought they found an island, but really it was a Zaratan as it slowly dove underwater. The story is believed to have spawned belief in the Kraken.


  • The Zaratan holds the record for being the second largest Cryptid, the Bermuda Beast being the biggest.
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